Fabric Cageless Water Bottle

The Fabric Cageless Waterbottle is a revolutionary idea and an absolute weight saver. Mounting directly to your frame without a cage, the bottle is simple, easy to use and lightweight. Coming supplied with 4 studs and bolts (2 needed for a single bottle) that sit where your cage would normally and weighing only 1.5g each you can hardly see them and definitely can't feel that they are there. Coming in a range of coloured lids the main body of the bottle is clear for easy judgment of your sports drink. Constructed from a BPA free Plastic that is soft and squeezable, odourless and tasteless. Overall this is a no-brainer saving in weight and gaining in style.



  • BPA Free Plastic


  • 600ml (22oz) and 750ml (26oz)


  • Supplied with 4 studs and 4 bolts (enough for 2 bottles mounts). 1.5g each (meaning a 'cage' will weight 3g)