KMC X8.93

A highly durable 8 speed chain from KMC and designed for use with all 8 speed drivetrain systems.


  • Bulls-Eye pin: The unique KMC bulls-eye pin riveting provides unsurpassed side plate retention.
  • X-SP treatment: KMC's extreme stretchproof treatment of pins and plates makes this chain less susceptible to wear caused by sand or other exterior material invading into the chain bearings. Drastically enhancing durability.
  • High alloy material: Pins and plates, made out of special alloy material, reduces chain stretching and thus prolongs chain life.
  • X-Bridge: The x-bridge outer plate has been configured with precisely articulated angles for quicker and smoother gear shifting and quieter riding


  • 1/2" x 3/32" - 116 Links
  • Pin length 7.3mm
  • Extra stretchproof mushroomed pin enhanced durability
  • Compatible with 8 speed systems
  • Half Nickel plated
  • High performing and extremely durable
  • Weight: 296g