SKS Injex Lite Pump

SKU: 4002556493806

Light and extremely robust
Lightweight and extremely robust mini pump. Ideal to take along during your journeys. The Injex Lite easily pumps up to 5 bar. Comfortable in use due to the two components softgrip.

Suitable for all types of valves

The Injex Lite is suitable for Schrader, Presta and Dunlop valves. The pump head is also well protected against dirt and dust due to the protective cap.

Explanation valve types

Most pumps are suitable for all types of valves. Here are distinguished:

  • Schrader (AV) - Autoventiel, is mostly used in mountain bike and has a pressure nipple on the inside
  • Presta (FV) - French valve, you usually see in racing and touring bikes and has a locked pressure nipple on the inside
  • Dunlop (HV) - Dutch valve, is traditionally the most used valve. This consists of a steel tube without pressure nipple
    Valve Type
    Pump Type