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General Size Guide

The two measurements that you will need is your height and your inside leg measurement.

Height Size
Inside Leg Measurement


Inside Leg Measurement

Squish Size Guide


Bicycle Guide

We stock the perfect variety of bicycles across all price levels. If you are unsure which type of bike you need or the size which you require then pop in for a chat and we will answer as many questions as you have. Read our bicycle guide below for some more information.


We have plenty of bikes for you to try for size and no-obligation test rides will make sure you make the correct decision before you buy. If you know exactly which bike you want but we don't have it in store, we can have your bike ordered and ready to ride within a few days.



Size and style


Different bicycles are measured in different ways but the two most common measurements are wheel size and frame size as shown below.



Bikes are normally measured by wheel size, and are usually either 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24". Weight is the most important factor to consider when looking for a child's bike, a heavy bike can put a child off riding for a long time. Look for the lightest bike possible within your budget and it'll make family bike rides a much more enjoyable experience. Generally, the lighter the bike is the better the bike, which means better brakes and stronger wheels as a bonus.




Bikes are measured both by the wheel and frame. Each different genre of bicycle tends to have a specific wheel size and these are as follows:



Bikes nearly always have a wheel size of 700c and normally have thinner and smoother tyres. Usually frames are measured in centimetres. This type of bike is designed for fast riding on the road and is available with flat handlebars or drop handlebars. If a bike is more expensive in this category it usually means that it is a lot lighter and faster to ride. Better wheels and carbon fibre parts are things to look for when shopping for this type of bicycle.




Bikes have lots of different wheel sizes, some are 26", 29" and 650b/27.5". Each size has its advantage and disadvantage so we'd advise coming in store to discuss your needs. Frame size is measured in inches. Things to consider when choosing a mountain bike are: what is the style of riding you want to do? do you need full suspension or front only? how big do you need your suspension? will disk brakes be a benefit? do you need a lightweight bike or a strong bike?


Hybrid bikes are the most popular type of bike and the most versatile. Hybrids come in many different shapes and styles, the best way to think of them are as mixes of other bikes. Some are more tailored towards road, some commuting, some cycle paths, some more traditional. Hybrids usually have a wheel size of 700c and have frames measured in inches. Some come pre-fitted with pannier racks and mudguards and some aren't. If you think you want to use your bike mostly on the road, but have the option to go along canal paths or light woodland trails, then a modern hybrid is for you. These are the perfect bikes for family bike rides where you want to experience varying terrains without being too extreme in one area.


Traditional bicycles usually have 700c wheels and are designed for a slow and comfortable ride. Usually these bikes come with somewhere between 1 and 8 gears and are pre-fitted with a pannier rack, mudguards and often a front basket.


Folding bikes are the ideal bikes for commuters and for the leisure rider. Modern folding bikes ride the same as any other bike with the bonus of folding down into something small enough to take on buses and trains as well easily fitting them in the boot of your car or caravan. There is a common misconception that because of the small wheels you need to pedal a lot more, this is incorrect and these bikes are in fact extremely comfortable to ride. If you normally load your bike onto your car and then drive to your favourite cycle track then a folding bike could be the answer. Perfect to take with you on holiday as well.


Electric bikes are no longer a thing of the future. Modern electric bikes have evolved a huge amount and are now a serious option to consider. They are available in all styles and vary hugely in price so we advise visiting our store for a full explanation and free test ride.


BMX bikes are mostly 20" wheel bicycles with high handlebars and a low seat. These bikes are designed as stunt bikes and for that reason it is extremely important to know what you're looking for before you buy. This is the type of bike that you really want to avoid the cheapest option. A cheap BMX will prove to be an expensive hobby once parts start getting worn out very quickly and need replacing. The more you spend to begin with, the better the bike will be and will last a huge amount longer. The following options are a must have: 3 piece cranks, sealed bearings, cassette rear hub. If you're unsure if the bike you want has these then don't feel afraid to ask, we will be happy to help.

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