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Please Note: All Large repairs have at least a weeks turnaround from the day you drop them in.


Bronze Service 
£45 + Parts

Has your bike been sitting in the garage for a while and need a bit of attention? Then this is the service to go for. The basic bronze service will go through your bike and make sure that it is safe for you to ride again.

The Bronze Service includes:

-Brake and gear adjustment

-Oil and grease

- A roadworthy check

Silver Service
£80.00 + Parts

Is your bike in serious need of attention? Have you been doing the miles and feel like your bike needs a proper look at? Or have you left it in your garden during the winter and you fear your bike may be more bike art than bike? Then this is the service you should look at.

The Silver Service includes:

-Brake and gear adjustment

-Adjustment of the Wheel Bearings

-Adjustment of the Headset

-Adjustment of the Bottom Bracket

-Wheel Truing

-Oil and grease all moving parts

- A quick wipe down

Gold Service
Without Hydraulic Brakes
/Hub Gears
£150.00 + Parts

With Hydraulic Brakes/Hub Gears
£200.00 + Parts

Do you feel that your bike needs a lot attention? Does it feel like its not riding like it used too? Are you getting ready for the longer days or colder months? If any of the above or any other, this is the perfect service for you. We will strip your bike down and make it run smoothly once again. 

The Gold Service includes:

-Full Cycle strip down

-Re-Greasing (Wheel  Bearings, Headset, Bottom Bracket)

-Brake and gear adjustment

-Wheel Truing

-Oil and grease all moving parts

-Replace all worn parts as necessary

- Clean up

If you would like to book a repair with us please give us a ring on 01823 662260

If your bike is dirty, please remove any excess mud before bringing it to the shop. If the bike needs to be cleaned before job can be started then we may refuse the repair.

Please note the servicing prices above are e.g. £45 + parts, this means that any parts will be added on to the £45. 

Please Note That The Workshop Closes at 4pm

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