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Chiba Bio X Cell Air Active Gloves

Chiba Bio X Cell Air Active Gloves

Bio-X-Cell are designed to protect from numbing fingers. The gel padding in the hand ball area protects the ulnar nerve which is situated in this area and absorbs the pressure and vibrations of the handlebar. Due to the two-layer with another gel padding at the outer ball, the handlebar can no longer press on the central zone of the hand where the carpal tunnel is situated. This would ensure that the median nerve will be protected. In addition, the strong padding of the hand ball will correct the position of the hand. The gel cushion absorbs the vibrations of the handlebar, which would irritate the nerves and tendons. In more than 80% of all cases, the Bio-X-Cell would be able to solve the problem of numb fingers and cycling will be comfortable agai

  • Features

    • Upper hand is made of elastic, breathable materials for the perfect fit and excellent ventilation
    • Palm is made of air mesh for an optimum ventilation with trimmings made of robust microfibre
    • Bio-X-Cell padding - 2-stage anatomic gel cushion helps to avoid numb fingers
    • Ulnar nerve & carpal tunnel protection - the gel padding reduces tje pressure on the ulnar nerve and the carpal tunnel
    • Quick-Pull pull-off aid
    • Reinforced thumb area
    • "Easy-Clip" holds the gloves together
    • Terry thumb to wipe off the sweat
    • Washable up to 30°
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