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Elite Prism Bottle Cage Black

Elite Prism Bottle Cage Black

Prism in recycled materials is Elite’s new bottle cage made from recycled plastic.

Elite’s sustainable rendition of the long-standing side-entry Prism model of the range is made from discarded plastic fibers coming mainly from textile industries.
Like the Prism Carbon cage, the Prism made from recycled material feature the distinctive side-load structure which is designed to provide easier bottle access on smaller frames and tight spaces.

  • Specification

    Elites Prism cages are side-entry bottle cages designed to make water carrying a more practical solution – particularly for mountain bikers and gravel bikers. Gravel bikes and MTBs have smaller bike frames and geometries that make top-loading bottle waters rather challenging from time to time. Same when youre riding with bags for bikepacking.

    The Prism models also ensure great comfort to left-handed riders who can choose a left-hand loading cage to easily manage bottles while riding. 
    In fact, Prism Right and Prism Left models will grant access to your bottles with regular opening to the left or right when mounted on transversal oblique down tubes, but they can change the insertion direction when mounted on seat-tubes, the main tube of the bicycle.

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