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Grit Elite Scooter

Grit Elite Scooter

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The Grit Elite Scooter is street tested and top rider approved. The Grit Elite Black / Vapour Blue Black 2021 Stunt Scooter, features eye-catching colors, and features alloy hydro formed bars to keep it a super lightweight 3.35kgs for its size!

Featuring HIC Compression, 110mm Metal Core Wheels, a 4.8" wide Alloy Deck with 3 degrees of concavity and Integrated Grind Rails, the Grit Elite Scooter has everything the experienced rider needs to become a serious level rider and land some huge tricks.

It features an HIC compression system, perfect for riders to upgrade and customise their scooter in future as they develop their personal riding style.

At a height of 80.5cm, it's perfect for intermediate and pro riders wanting to land serious tricks.

The scooter itself is a very lightweight for its size at only 3.35kg meaning riders can develop their skills and jump tricks without weight being to much of an issue.

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