Minion DHF DH 27.5 x 2.50 60 TPI Wire Single Compound tyre

Minion DHF DH 27.5 x 2.50 60 TPI Wire Single Compound tyre

The Minion DHF is the standard by which all other aggressive mountain tyres are measured. The DHF incorporates ramped knobs for low rolling resistance and channel-cut knobs to increase gripping edges, giving straight-line control and precise cornering.




The standard by which all tires are judged


Best for Loose/Hard, Medium, Loose, Wet


Cornering Control 1 2 3 4


Rolling Efficiency 1 2 3 4


Compound: Single Compound Technology


Breaker: Downhill Casing / Butyl Insert


Max PSI: 60


Bead Type: Wire


TPI: 60


Weight: 1390g


Single Compound

One compound throughout the tread optimized for longevity and performance


Butyl Insert


  • An extra piece of butyl rubber that extends from the bead of a downhill tire up into the sidewall.


  • The butyl insert helps prevent pinch flats, protects the rim from hard hits and adds sidewall stability
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