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Mongoose Ritual 500 BMX 20" Wheels Blue

Mongoose Ritual 500 BMX 20" Wheels Blue

The Mongoose Ritual 500 is a high-quality BMX bike that offers several benefits and features that make it a great choice for enthusiasts and riders looking for a reliable and capable BMX bike.

Durability and Build Quality:
The Mongoose Ritual 500 BMX is built with durable materials and components, designed to withstand the rigors of BMX riding. It features a strong and sturdy frame, along with reliable components such as the fork, handlebars, and wheels, ensuring longevity and resistance to the demands of trick riding and stunts.

The Ritual 500 is designed to deliver excellent performance on various surfaces, from skate parks to street riding. It features responsive handling, allowing you to maneuver easily and precisely. The bike is equipped with high-quality tires, ensuring good traction and grip, enabling you to confidently tackle ramps, jumps, and other obstacles.

The Mongoose Ritual 500 is a versatile bike suitable for different riding styles and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner learning the basics or an experienced rider looking to push your limits, the Ritual 500 offers the flexibility to adapt to your needs. It can handle everything from basic freestyle riding to more advanced tricks and jumps.

Design and Style:
The Ritual 500 BMX has a sleek and eye-catching design, with attention to detail. Its aesthetics make it stand out from the crowd, allowing you to express your personal style while riding. Mongoose has put effort into creating a visually appealing bike that reflects the excitement and energy of BMX riding.

Value for Money:
The Mongoose Ritual 500 BMX offers a great balance between price and performance. It provides a high level of quality and features found in more expensive BMX bikes, but at an affordable price point. This makes it an attractive option for riders who want a reliable and capable BMX bike without breaking the bank.

If you're looking for a durable, high-performance BMX bike that offers versatility and value for money, whilst not sacrificing style, the Ritual 500 could be a great choice for you.

    Colour: Blue
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