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Schwalbe Marathon Plus Flat-less Tyre

Schwalbe Marathon Plus Flat-less Tyre


The new Marathon Plus is not only flatless, but even faster than before. Its thick protection belt of highly elastic rubber reliably fights off all puncture demons and rolls lighter than any other tyre with a thick protection belt. Now also approved for e-bikes.


When the Marathon Plus was launched in 2002, it revolutionised puncture protection. Not even glass shards and thumbtacks were able to harm it. Therefore, the Marathon Plus is still the only tyre that may be said to be truly "flatless".


(It is impossible to guarantee that a flat will never happen, but the Marathon Plus has the best defense against everyday tire wreckers such as glass, flints or metal shards. Use a pressure gauge to adjust tire pressures as the common 'thumb check' is insufficient due to the special construction of the Marathon Plus.)

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