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Slime Tyre Puncture Sealant 8oz/250ml

Slime Tyre Puncture Sealant 8oz/250ml

Slime Bike Tube Sealant


The Slime Bike Tube Sealant is suitable for all types of inner tubes, this easy to use product can prevent and repair punctures of up to 3mm using Fibro-Seal technology. This high quality sealant is also non-toxic and environmentally friendly and once installed into the inner tube the slime remains liquid which will not harden or dry out. Overall this product is a fantastic solution for those annoying flat tyres!

  • Specification

    • 8oz bottle
    • Prevents punctures up to 3mm deep
    • One bottle fills two standard mountain bike inner tubes
    • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-aerosol and water soluble.
    • Slime is not intended for use in tubes losing pressure from sidewall punctures, bead leaks, damaged rims or faulty valves. Slime for tube type tyres is NOT recommended for use in tubeless tires.
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