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We now offer servicing on the Shimano STEPS E-bike system.

Please give us a ring or come in-store today and ask us about what we can do for you. 


As with any computer it is worth getting a check up on the software to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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E-Bike Servicing

We have a selection of different servicing for e-bikes for you to choose from. Like with your car it is worth looking after your mode of transport.

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Upgrades & Replacement

Whether you want the latest tech or you need parts replacing. We can help you get what you need.

Shimano STEPS logo.jpg


You can ride an electric bike in England, Scotland and Wales if you’re 14 or over, as long as it meets certain requirements.

These electric bikes are known as ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’ (EAPCs). You do not need a licence to ride one and it does not need to be registered, taxed or insured.

Any electric bike that does not meet the EAPC rules is classed as a motorcycle or moped and needs to be registered and taxed. You’ll need a driving licence to ride one and you must wear a crash helmet.

What counts as an EAPC

An EAPC must have pedals that can be used to propel it.

It must show either:

  • the power output

  • the manufacturer of the motor

It must also show either:

  • the battery’s voltage

  • the maximum speed of the bike

Its electric motor:

  • must have a maximum power output of 250 watts

  • should not be able to propel the bike when it’s travelling more than 15.5mph

An EAPC can have more than 2 wheels (for example, a tricycle).

The bike must also be type approved if either:

  • it does not meet the EAPC rules

  • it can be propelled without pedalling (a ‘twist and go’ EAPC)

This should have been done by the manufacturer or importer before you bought it. If it’s been type approved, it will have a plate showing its type approval number.

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